3D Printing Power Plant

Client: Güssing Renewable Energy International
Duration: 4 Months
Printer: Wanhao i3 duplicator
Software: Autodesk Fusion, Cura

My role for this project:

  • 3D modeling Autodesk Fusion 360
  • 3D Printing i3 Duplicator

Overview :

Güssing Renewable Energy has initiated the renewable energy project for Avalon, Santa Catalina Island since Q4,2016 Therefore, The concept of renewable energy very new to the customers which lead to the question “How might we make people feel related to the plant.”

So the client decided to make a 3D print for all essential components of the GRE-DFB Gasification system based on the demonstration site in Nongbua, Thailand.

For more information www.gussingrenewable.asia

Structure and struggle

Assemble the core reactors Dual fluidized bed steam gasification of biomass

Other components + Details

Michael Dichand, Chairman of Güssing Renewable Energy International, visiting studio.

Michael Dichand, Pajaree Neti, Topper Wonghart

Nongbua Biofuel, Renewable Gas Field in Thailand.
Demonstration site of GRE-DFB Biorefinery Gasification.

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