City Mapping with ESP32 Touch Capacitive

WNM 725 :
Interactive Physical System
Academy of Art University
Instr - Mark Hellar

Zijian Yu
Henni Tso
Yangyifan Ai
Yi Fan Heng
Topper Wonghart

My role for this project:

  • A proposal concept
  • Product Manager
  • 3D modeling Autodesk Fusion 360
  • 3D Printing i3 Duplicator
  • JavaScript for MaptasticJS + SerialPort from ESP 32


The project will shows San Francisco location on map. It is a similar game in the physic world, we use 3D printer to print project models and we use 2D projection to project the information on the canvas.


This idea is from the game Theme city. People move the model on Urban planning. This machine is city hall, everyone can planing the city.The government will give the information. This project can shows people how’s the city like in the further.

Simcity was praised for its user interface, which claimed to be more developed than the competing games of its time. It is our original concept.


wood canvas 22*16 inches
3D Printer with PLA Plastic

MQTT Protocal
Maptastic JS
Affter Effect


Final Product (0:41 min)

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